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From Pantry to Desk

"I took an empty box of Cheerios and Ritz and cut them into organizers. I later added in shelves to my Ritz box. Also in the Greek yogurt container I’m storing all my plastic bags. I’ve cut them into strips and made a sort of ‘plastic yarn’ which I’ll knit into a new, more reusable bag when I accumulate enough. "  -Amanda L.
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Make Pumpkins from Canning Jar Rings!

Check out this awesome idea here.

Chopsticks into Plantsticks

A simple fix elevated my plant's life, quite literally.
I've always hesitated before throwing away wooden chopsticks. They are perfectly good pieces of wood and there are sure to be many uses for them hidden right under my nose. As I was gazing out my window, I noticed my plant was looking a bit deflated and suddenly I had an idea.  I decided to make a lattice so that my plant could stand tall and now it's looking healthier than ever.
-Tiffany T. (editor)

Condiment Lid to Plant Saucer

"My mom gave me this whole arrangement. She had some lids from condiment containers at restaurants and realized they would be the perfect size for saucers for these tiny pots of succulents." - Savanna S.

Customizable Shelving Units Made From Cardboard Boxes!

Instead of throwing out old boxes, you can create really cool storage units out of them. Even if the boxes have missing lids or holes in them, you can turn them on their sides and still be able to use them. Just make sure the boxes you use are sturdy and you're good to go!

Thank you Teresa W. for your awesome idea!

Jewelry Hanger from Scrap Wood

Reuse old hard-ware pieces by turning them into a practical hanger display. You can even use a piece of cardboard and push pins to create a simpler version if you don't have a piece of scrap wood laying around.

Don't throw away your old vegetables!

"I just bought a bunch of celery then cut it near the bottom and dipped it in paint to create instant flowers on paper.  This could be a fun thing to do with other aging produce on hand that would otherwise go to waste." - Sam G.○ ○ ○ Thanks Sam! This is a fantastic idea, and you could even use fruits, cookies, bread, or whatever perishables you have past the expiration date. Other ideas you could make with this project include wrapping paper, t-shirt designs, art pieces, and so much more!